Texas Daytripper Musing

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Texas Daytripper adventures are all about relaxing your mind, playing, and finding treasure in random discoveries.  You are the traveler, the explorer, the adventurer.   While you're exploring, focus only on the adventure and nothing else.

Find at least ONE thing that's yours to treasure.  Take a photo, write about it, or just drink it in with your eyes.  It could be a fence post, a spider, a flower, yard art, or simply the color of the sky.  Get out of your car, or roll down your window.  Stay still...pause.   Listen to the wind, to the birds, to the cow.  Then watch for your next discovery around the next bend, or over the next hill. 

Take your treasure back with you, in your heart, in your mind.  Think of it during your week and remember that the peace you felt is out there every day, and that you can find it again.  My 'musings' are now being done in FREE day trip guides available on this site. Enjoy and be sure to send me an email telling me about your adventures using the guides!  I'd love to hear from you.  Carol King