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Remember when you were a kid....  pretending, using your imagination, and becoming so involved in creating your adventures that you forgot about everything else?  Randomly following back roads and exploring small country towns takes me back to that same carefree feeling, and is the best stress relief medicine I've found.  It's exciting to discover treasures that can be anything from a spiderís web glistening on a wildflower, boots on fence posts, mailbox art, a tree arched road, walls crumbling with past echoes, or a farmerís humorous phrase overheard in a country cafe. 

Texas Daytripperís day trip guides are about taking a day, or a weekend, and experiencing the venturesome kid in you again.  Make every day an adventure, seeking the art on the back roads!  Carol King - Author and Photographer

To find a town, try using the 'Edit' button on your browser tool bar, then click 'Find on this page...' and type in the name of the town.

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Towns In The Guides

Fredericksburg, Crabapple, and the Willow City Loop


Fredericksburg, Crabapple, Eckert, Willow City
Fredericksburg, Comfort, and a Railroad


Fredericksburg, Luckenbach, Cain City, Bankersmith, Waring, Welfare, Nelson City, Comfort
Dripping Springs to Johnson City & Beyond - "Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Bluebonnets?"


Dripping Springs, Henly, Johnson City, Sandy, Rocky
Austin to Lockhart Area - "Wildflower Ballyhoo"


Austin, Moore's Crossing, Lytton Springs, Saint Johns Colony, Dale,  Lockhart, Austin
Southeast of Marble Falls - "Wildflowers of May" - Back roads that are blanketed with wildflowers in May... not to mention WILD life!  Clicking the link above will take you to our photo album of this day trip on Facebook.  Click here for a PDF map of the route.  (The route is in green.) Marble Falls

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